Best practies for recovering after a disaster

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie in kopia using, I’m using it for testing yet.
What are the best practies for recovering data after an event in which I’m not able to have kopia installation working, but I have data away, in a remote cloud site?
Are there any kopia’s configs file that I must to backup to rebuild my data in a fresh machine?

No, you’ll need just your online credentials and Kopia password. All configs are stored in the backup, which is very worst-case disaster scenario friendly (in a best way…).


Also, even if you transfer the location of the backup, you can still open them as long as you know the new location and the password. So even if you don’t have Kopia, you can simply download your backup then decrypt them later. This is very handy during cases of intermittent connections, where you can download your backup part by part then decrypt it locally once you have completed downloading it, or when you need to download them on another person’s computer (ex. in a computer shop or when borrowing a friend’s device), where it’s a bad idea to decrypt your sensitive data there.