Bring back the Log tab

In KopiaUI 0.6.4 there was a quite convinient Log tab.
How about bringing it back at the right of the three entries we have at the top:

[Snapshots] [Policies] [Repository] [Log]

or within the [Repository] tab.

What do you think?

Curious, what do you need the log for? Are you expecting to find information there that’s otherwise not available?

Well, as I don’t use the CLI, I have no clue of what went wrong if a snapshot doesn’t complete.
Maybe there’s a quick way to get to logs from Terminal? (I’m on macOS)

The logs are in ~/Library/Logs/kopia

Wouldn’t asking the user to go back to the command prompt, or manually have to open the folder/file(s), somewhat defeat the purpose of the UI? For those of us that prefer CLI it is fine, but thinking that if someone goes the UI route is because they prefer to have the UI as the single point of interaction with the tool.

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Plus it would make that one even more useful. :wink: