Cannot Mount in KopiaUI

I connect to an existing filesystem repository, navigate to a particular snapshot in KopiaUI, and click on the Mount button… but nothing happens. I don’t see any errors written to

KopiaUI Version 0.8.4 (0.8.4)
MacOS version 10.15.7 (19H1217)

Any ideas on this?

Before we go any further - do you have MacFuse - installed?

Thanks for your rapid suggestion! Somehow MacFuse slipped by me entirely.

I just installed Macfuse-4.1.2 and now the Mount button is active. And Browse now results in volumes mounted and visible on my desktop. So all is good. This is truly a nice feature…

And what a splendid tool this is. I can’t even imagine how much sweat has gone into it. Soon I hope to finally have a good process for offsite backup, something that’s always eluded me.

After watching the video at Mount GUI Improvements - YouTube, I see that my installation doesn’t work quite the same as shown. Mount is now working perfectly, so no problem there. However when I click on the Browse button, it does not open a finder window.

As mentioned, I am seeing the macFuse volume on my desktop, and I can open it and browse the snapshot. Just wanted you to know, Browse isn’t opening a window.