Mount as local filesystem does nothing in KopiaUI

Hi, I’m new to using Kopia and I’ve just successfully created my first snapshot. I’m now trying to see if it’s working, but when I click on “Mount as Local Filesystem” in KopiaUI, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? I’m using it on a Mac.

You have to install macFUSE:

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Afaik, macFUSE still lacks a system extension and it still deploys a kernel extension. I hate to say it, but that really sucks, since you’ll have to lower your SIP in order to activate it. It its also only a matter of time, until Apple wil finally pull the plug on kernel extensions. They have been making using those increasingly more tedious over the last releases of macOS and Apple is a company which has pulled such stunts in the past.

That worked, thanks!

Yes you are right but that you have to lower SIP only on ARM - kopia does not work with fuse-t unfortunately as it is explicitly built against macFUSE.

Yes I’m on an Intel Mac and didn’t have to touch SIP for macFUSE to work

despite Apple talking about killing 3rd party kext they still work with Sonoma. So hopefully kopia has time to adapt:)

Well, it’s not Kopia which has to adapt, but the macFUSE guys…

The solution already exist:

withe the same API headers as macFUSE (so no changes required in code) but kopia has to be linked to a new fuse-t library.