Can't check snapshot list in client

[root@ywbsmb ~]# kopia snapshot list
ERROR error listing all snapshot manifests: unable to find snapshot manifests: unable to load manifest contents: error loading manifest content: error getting cached content: failed to get blob with ID q1fc8cc5595509a196aa180b686ac279b-sa5ef55b7de3cde5711d: unable to complete GetBlobFromPath:/mnt/kopia/q/1fc/8cc5595509a196aa180b686ac279b-sa5ef55b7de3cde5711d.f despite 10 retries: open /mnt/kopia/q/1fc/8cc5595509a196aa180b686ac279b-sa5ef55b7de3cde5711d.f: too many open files

Well… increase your open file limit and try again…?