Kopia snapshot not visible

After rewriting my restore script, to be able to restore snapshots from other user@server's, when testing it, I got an error on one of the restored snapshots.
When looking into it, I noticed that

  • this snapshot could not be listed using kopia snapshot list -a usr@server:/path
  • and on the server the snapshot was made, I could also not list it with:
    • kopia snapshot list /path
    • neither with kopia snapshot list [-a] usr@thisserver:/path
  • The only way to show it was with kopia snapshot list on the server it was made on.

When I found the Object Id, I was able to restore it on the other server, so it just seems a list issue.

I later did an other backup on the same server and restore on the same other server and then the problem did not occur.

So it only happened once.

I am using kopia 0.9.3 on Ubuntu Linux, with the sftp backend.

Is this a know issue? I looks related to: Snapshot disappears v0.9.2
Are there other ways to debug this?