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I’m running kopia 0.12.1 (build: 5227d74996b6520f9f96e4203cfe00b832a60d5f from: kopia/kopia) on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS and noticed something I can’t explain. I hope someone will be able to help me on this.

Only one snapshot was created (by using the ui/kopia server start) and when listing the snapshots, i get the following :

/usr/bin/kopia --config-file=./repository.config snapshot list
  2023-03-07 21:15:35 CET k365b106441bbf9d3d7d4068fd103b950 93 GB drwxr-xr-x files:704085 dirs:109857 (latest-1,hourly-1,daily-1,weekly-1,monthly-1,annual-1)

So far so good. Now when using the ui, I get the following :

Why is there 5 snapshots ? I also noticed that running the command above with the --json parameter returns 5 snapshots, which I guess is why the ui lists 5 of them.

Could anyone give me more information about those ? Not sure if that matters but my repository is a S3 compatible bucket.

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Also, why is the size of the repository 0 ?


i had the same issue with my local filesystem repository. It seems not to be related with your S3 storage. I manually deleted the incomplete snaphots and created a snapshot of this directory after it.

Since no files changed, the snapshot finished quickly and was correct in size afterwards. However, I think this is something the devs have to check. Seems to be an inconsistency with the CLI and UI.


Additionally, i did not had this issue with smaller (<10Gb) directories. Only the larger ones showed this issue.


There is a time limit for Kopia snapshots runs. If your snapshot operation doesn’t finish in time, you will get those incomplete snapshots. However, there’s no need to worry, as Kopia will eventually finish your initial snapshot and cleanup the incompletes afterwards.

You’d only be stuck with incompletes, if you dataset - or the changes to the dataset cannot be processes in that time frame.

That explains everything :slight_smile:

However, there seems to be no chance in changing that parameter. I did not find anything related in the command line reference:

Common Commands | Kopia

See here… snapshot create | Kopia

The checkpoint-interval cannot be greater then 45 mins. Used to be 60, but security considersations for data integrity lowered that to 45 a couple of releases ago. But as I said, you can usually ignore this unless, you can’t get in a snapshot in time, once your initial snapshot is done.

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That explains everything, thank you. Initial snapshot took 3h+ so if a checkpoint is created every 45 minutes, it all makes sense.

These checkpoints/incomplete snapshots seem to persist, even though the snapshot was completed after 3 hours.

I will run another snapshot now and see how it goes.

All good now :

Thanks @budy and @ChrisA


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