CLI snapshot verify issue on Mac

Hi, this may be down to lack of knowledge about how to call the verify command, but I’m having problems running a verify on Mac. My Kopia filesystem repository is stored in it’s own filesystem volume. When I call the verify command.
sudo /Applications/kopia-0.12.1-macOS-universal/kopia snapshot verify --verify-files-percent=1 --file-parallelism=10 --parallel=10
It tries to read the .Trashes directory
ERROR unable to read blob map: unable to list blobs: error processing directory shards: error reading directory: unable to complete ReadDir:/Volumes/TOSH-KOPIA/.Trashes despite 10 retries: open /Volumes/TOSH-KOPIA/.Trashes: operation not permitted
Can this be avoided ?

perhaps this helps:

Seems like default MacOS makes sure not even the owner should go read there.

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