CloudFlare R2 announced

Cloudflare have announced a new storage service named R2. I get the feeling they were planning on releasing May 4th, but something slowed them down :slight_smile:

It uses the S3 API so is presumably compatible with Kopia. Worth a look, as pricing is reasonable, and Cloudflare have a history of offering high-performing products.

I’ll be testing their free tier and will post results in this thread.

It looks like the S3 API is not fully implemented by R2.

error: can't connect to storage: unable to determine if bucket "test" exists: GetBucketLocation not implemented

Checking their API status page suggests that this is a known shortcoming.

So it looks like we may need to wait this one out.

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I’m getting following fatal error when creating snapshot in R

Snapshotting root@ubuntu-2gb-ash:/home/akash/Akash ...
 - 0 hashing, 1404 hashed (21 MB), 0 cached (0 B), uploaded 21 MB, estimated 58.5 MB (35.9%) 1m19s left
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