Restore from Cloudflare R2?

Good evening,

Is it possible to restore from Cloudflare R2 after losing everything ? The way I understand it, I can restore from a snapshot if it is listed in the Snapshot section of Kopia but as I lost all data on the devide Kopia was installed from, the already existing backups on my Cloudflare R2 are no longer listed and thus cannot be recovered. The data is still in my R2 bucket and I have reinstalled Kopia (Docker container) with the exact same settings. It is pointing to my R2 bucket (That was previously used a few days ago) but I see no snapshots being listed as the configuration and snapshot list was obviously lost due to the device no longer working, thus defeating the purpose of having a backup…

How can I go about this ?

Nevermind, forgot to set hostname in compose file, now I can list previous snapshots using same settings from yesterday. Thanks for your time