Kopia snapshot list is blank

kopia had been working for weeks, but today it does not show any of my previous snapshots.

sudo kopia snapshot create /home/user/filefolder acts as if no previous snapshot exists - upload is not incremental.

sudo kopia blob ls shows the files that are in the s3 compatible bucket.

Tried with a newly created bucket - same result.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Is this E2 by any chance? Folks have reported issues with that backend, it appears to be provider specific.

Yes, it is with idrive e2. Tried a new bucket with anther s3 provider and it works, so does appear to be provider specific. Is there anything that can be done to get e2 working again?

No idea honestly. Looks like a regression on their part since it was working before and suddenly this last couple weeks we started getting the reports about failures.