Could Kopia work for me - rotating backup external drive/repository

I’m new to and very impressed with Kopia. I’m looking for input on how best o approach this case:

Context: Kopia UI on Docker (on Unraid). Source= Unraid/NAS, Destination= 2 External Hard Drives to be rotated, which show as unique on mount.

Goal: Use 2 external hard drives in rotation to backup the same content, store one off-site, swap on a routine basis. Only 1 drive is connected to Kopia at a time and they get swapped every few weeks.

What setup would best approach this? Some of my discoveries…

  1. I’m understanding that 1 instance can only have 1 repo, so I can’t expect to setup both HDs
  2. I tried to setup 2 instances thinking I could just leave each running and thinking the backups would just fail for whatever HD is missing
    —Fail - the dockers wouldn’t load if the repo wasn’t present. I was surprised Kopia didn’t manage this scenario as I’d think it common or possible that a destination might be offline.
    —Note: I didn’t see a way to Export/Import the config settings, so alot of redundant configuration needed to setup 2 instances. Copying from the original docker didn’t work (wouldn’t load as the repo wasn’t connected).
  3. I may try: See if I can name my HDs the same, copy and paste the initial snapshot data over and then see if swapping HDs works - this doesn’t feel correct to do…
  4. Looked at Kopia Repo Server - don’t see that helping for this use case
  5. If Kopia can’t do this, I guess I might try to backup to the NAS and then sync the repo folder to the drives. This not at all ideal (storage space).
  6. Haven’t explored, but it looks like maybe I can Manually disconnect from 1 repo and then Manually connect to another. Was hoping for something more automatic or graceful.
  7. Perhaps Kopia can’t do this… move on to another solution.

Hope this makes sense, and thanks for any ideas!

Have you looked into kopia synchronization feature?

I guess you could have a repository in hdd1, backup to hdd1 and sync to hdd2, store hdd2.
Backup to hdd1 for some time and then sync hdd1->hdd2, store hdd1 and use hdd2 for a while.

I do this to a local and a external hdd, it doesn’t look that different.