Can I backup existing repository into another?

This diagram represents what I’m trying to do with Kopia.

“Repo A” on “/mnt/client-backup” of host server is working.

Can I also create “Repo B” on another mount of the same server and back them up as depicted in yellow arrows?

I tried creating another repository (Repo B) and it disconnected the first one (Repo A). I’d appreciate any help or pointers.

Thanks so much!

You can have multiple repos connected at the same time but make sure that they are using different config files - --config-file flag - otherwise repository.config is always used.

AFAIK you can not start second serve on the same host but not sure though why you would want it.

To have your repo A backup the easiest would be to periodically sync it to another drive using e.g. rsync.

On the other hand IMO if this is another disk on the same server I think you would better use it as a RAID 1 with BTRFS or ZFS.

I was trying to do backup of a repo at one point until it was suggested here that I should just use the kopia sync-to command to duplicate the repo elsewhere. That worked well and seems more efficient.
Could you consider the same and create a separate repo for the server files? (abc, xyz) Thus end up with two additional repos i.e. Repo B (duplicate of A) and repo C (abc, xyz host files).