Delete Snapshot incl. Wipe - Data still there?

I deleted a snapshot and checked also the “Wipe…” checkbox, and the “Periodic maintenance” also already ran through.
But the data in the repository is still there, why?

First off, there plenty of posts on this forum dealing with this topic. The most likely reasons are:

  • the data is still needed in other snapshots
  • the snapshot in question has just been deleted and has not been processed by the full maintenance job

There are also post here, which will tell you, how to have maintenance force the immediate deletion of unused objects…

I have now waited a few days to see what happens. The chunks have now been deleted, but all the chunk directories (>100) are still there?

And there are also some tmp files in the repository directory like “kopia.maintenance.f.tmp.4bec9ad6db52b391” and “xw1675268160.f”.
20 files in total.

Is this normal and ok?