Do snapshots of different paths contribute to each others retention count?


My current use case is as follows:

  • Nightly backup of large amount of data in /data
  • Rapid backup on file close of important things like password databases in /smol

How this is done is not important, what is important is that the scripts that backup those files obviously pertain to different paths, and give different snapshots in the KopiaUI viewer. It seems to me that even though they are different paths they are the same repository and thus inherit the same policy, which is fine.

My question is: If that policy says to retain the 10 most recent snapshots, does that mean 10 most recent across everything in that repo and so 10 updates to the /smol snapshot would end up expiring one of the /data ones even though no commits have been made there? I suspect not but i wanted to check.


Policy inherited by default from global policy and from parent, but any Path(source) can have its own policy (blue button on the most right side when you switched to snapshots tab)

If you press that blue button I mentioned above, you would see “Snapshot Renetion” where you can setup retention policy per each Path/Source/Directory

Also, on the same tab you can find two very useful things: Snapshot Action & Folder Action
Those are simply a hooks, that would run automatically your custom scripts/program before or after or both for each snapshot or per folder. The simplest example: exclude location of live database and run mysqldump just before taking snapshot and in this case you would save actual mysql backup. Also you can run email notification for example via those hooks.