Snapshot expire command

When a policy for file retention has been set. Is this enforced when a snapshot is created or does one need to run the $ kopia snapshot expire [path] command to get the policy to actually occur?

If so, is [path] required and what is it a path of? A repository path? Will it remove all repo snapshots according to repo policies if [path] is not used?

Expiration is happening automatically now after each snapshot. This ‘snapshot expire’ should only be used if you change the retention policy but don’t want to re-run snapshot for some reason.

Path in this case is local path name of the directory, or user@hostname:remote-path

Okay, that’s clear to me now. At first it is still a little obaque to me what is happening and when. I have some scripts now that try to stream-line the process of setting policy, creating snapshots and then verification. I have other ideas but unable to raise them due to limits on this forum.

By way of suggestion it would be helpful to a new user if you didn’t just refer to a ‘path’ but refer to a ‘source path’, ‘repo path’. Due to this project using different commands to refer to and set up each path it can be confusing as to which is correct.

Would you be able to file an issue on GitHub? We are planning a release in couple weeks and looking to fix a bunch of those kinds of low-hanging-fruit items to boost user experience.

Just echoing, it makes sense to choose and define terms that are clear, and ideally already familiar for users. And of course, we need to update the documentation accordingly.

I have made a submission there. Hope it is helpful as I don’t have much experience in contributing in a meaningful way.