Questions: I started one snapshot but 7 are displayed


I just started using Kopia and I love it!
I have taken a snapshot to a repository in Backblaze. The upload took two days. After it was finished I now somehow have 7 snapshots:

The CLI output is

sven@sven-MSI:~$ kopia snapshot list --all
  2023-05-06 00:46:59 CEST kf22e500906652a8e7ff19999e1ac1eca 253.5 GB drwxrwxrwx files:35094 dirs:306 (latest-1,hourly-1,daily-1,weekly-1,monthly-1,annual-1)

So I guess the snapshot from 2023-05-06 is the “correct one”, also because it is the biggest one. Why were the other 6 ones created? Is it because my internet connection might have dropped out?

When I created the policy I didn’t care about the retention policy and just said to retain the 10 last snapshots. I won’t be doing snapshots often, something like once in 3 months. But now with the multiple snapshots I might have to have a look at it again. Do the incomplete “snapshots” count towards the retention?


There are multiple incomplete snapshots, see Frequently Asked Questions | Kopia

These will be garbage collected in the next cycle and then disappear.


Thanks, triggering the backup again (with no files changed) fixed it!