Error 0x800700DF when copy big file from mounted snapshot


When I try to mount a snapshot on Windows, I have this error Error 0x800700DF when I try to restore/copy big file > 50mos.

I saw topics about webdav and try to change the registry settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/WebClient/Parameters and change the FileSizeLimitInBytes but the error still persist.

An idea ?

Do not use webdav mount in Windows to copy large files. It is not kopia but Windows problem. Never worked reliably.

So what to do to recover large files?

Do it directly from a command line - this always works.

Or mount it using different OS than Windows - you can always spin Linux as a VM if needed.

When browsing snapshots you can restore single files by clicking on the file or you can restore a directory including all files by clicking on the blue “Restore Files & Directories” button next to the green “Mount as Local Filesystem” button. Just tested with a 700MB file without issues.