Estimate upload size of incremental "snapshot create" and get the list of changed files

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Is there a way to estimate the upload size of snapshot create, for the first run and the incremental runs, with or without taking into account the compression?

snapshot estimate shows the same size for the incremental runs as for the first run. Flags like snapshot estimate --full and snapshot estimate --incremental can be helpful.

Something like snapshot create --dry-run which outputs a list of all changed files and their expected upload size. I’m thinking about rclone sync --dry-run. But JSON output format would be better.

Output of snapshot estimate -q --show-files --max-examples-per-bucket=1000 is not machine processable. And it’s difficult to debug if .kopiaignore file works as expected or not. Possible flags to snapshot estimate --show-files can be --show-buckets and --show-raw-list.

To summarize, there are two issues:

  • Estimate the size of incremental snapshot.
  • Get a plain list of changed files with their expected upload size.

Sorry if I’m missing something. And thanks to the developers for this great tool.

Please let me know if this should be moved to Github issues.

@jkowalski sir need your kind attention.

It’s not supported today, Shikhar had an idea for implementing null write mode, where kopia never writes anything (but we’d pretend it does), which might address your use case, right now it’s not supported.

Estimate is currently meant for a rough first-time backup estimate.