Need help understanding the progress output of kopia

Here is an example. The folder “Pictures” contains only a few new pictures since the last snapshot which were synced to this folder from my mobile phone. I now created a snapshot expecting to see less than 100 MB of small, quick changes to be synced. Not sure why its 1.7 GB but let’s ignore that for now as it’s not entirely relevant to my understanding of kopia’s progress.

kopia snapshot create /sixer/Pictures/ --log-level=warning

this produces a status like this one for about 5 minutes and then it changed to 100% and stopped:

* 0 hashing, 347 hashed (1.7 GB), 70086 cached (393.2 GB), uploaded 1.7 GB, estimated 394.9 GB (100.0%) 0s left

I think this means that 347 new files have been hashed and uploaded, right?
I just find it very confusing seeing “estimated 394 GB” followed by say “90% 13s left” as that sounds like it still has to upload 394 GB and apparently 90% has been uploaded already. (I know I have about 394 GB of Picture Material in this folder).

Is it just me? Am I missing something or is this simply how kopia shows its progress?

The 347 hashed (1.7 GB) indicates that 1.7 GB of files were changed or are new since the last snapshot. The uploaded 1.7 GB indicates that, after compression, 1.7 GB of data was uploaded to your repo. Are you saying that less than 1.7 GB was changed/new in your Pictures folder?

AFAIK, the estimated 394.9 GB tells you what is the estimated total size of your snapshot after this snapshot has completed, the (100.0%) tells you how much of that is left to upload, and 0s left tells you how much longer to finish the snapshot. FWIW, the estimated time left to take to finish the snapshot is often inaccurate, so I would not pay too much attention to that.

I do agree that the way it is displayed is ambiguous. A simple PR could fix this, to maybe something like this:

* 0 hashing, 347 hashed (1.7 GB), 70086 cached (393.2 GB), uploaded 1.7 GB, estimated 394.9 GB size of snapshot (uploaded 100.0% so far), estimated 0s left to finish upload

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Not 10% sure but I expected a smaller size but maybe my image gallery had created extra views/sizes/thumbs which I might have forgotten to add to the ignore list of kopia.

My main question was about correctly interpreting the progress output of kopia and you perfectly explained that so THANK YOU for taking the time.

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