How does Kopia handle a folder name change?

Suppose I’m backing up a folder like this:

main_folder - 100GB
— sub_folder_1 - 10GB
— sub_folder_2 - 10GB
— sub_folder_3 - 10GB
— sub_folder_4 - 70GB

Suppose I change the name of sub_folder_4 to something else, like extra_folder_1, but, the data underneath mostly, but not entirely, remains the same.

So, what happens?

Will this result in the backup database undergoing a total change?

How much bandwidth would be needed for this change to be carried into the backup destination?

You’ll witness in practice what a “deduplication” technique means. Spoiler: Kopia just “notice” change of directory name, without backuping its contents (because it is already there). Bandwidth usage should be minimal.


But how about if I want to change the name of the main folder, the source of the snapshot? Is there a way to do it in the GUI?

You can just delete snapshot/snapshots contains old name and add new, renamed folder to the repository (or just add new folder and delete old snapshots after). Kopia doesn’t delete any backup data before maintenance task.

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