How does Kopia handle a folder name change?

Suppose I’m backing up a folder like this:

main_folder - 100GB
— sub_folder_1 - 10GB
— sub_folder_2 - 10GB
— sub_folder_3 - 10GB
— sub_folder_4 - 70GB

Suppose I change the name of sub_folder_4 to something else, like extra_folder_1, but, the data underneath mostly, but not entirely, remains the same.

So, what happens?

Will this result in the backup database undergoing a total change?

How much bandwidth would be needed for this change to be carried into the backup destination?

You’ll witness in practice what a “deduplication” technique means. Spoiler: Kopia just “notice” change of directory name, without backuping its contents (because it is already there). Bandwidth usage should be minimal.

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