How to preserve extended attributes?

Hi all,
as I understand it (and by all means, correct me if I’m wrong), Apple/Finder tags are “attached” to a file as xattrs.

As far as I can tell, Kopia doesn’t preserve xattrs, or at least, doesn’t preserve Apple tags nor Spotlight comments.

Is there an option/flag of workaround for that?
I remember reading it was on the road map. What’s the State of the Union on this?


Not currently. We have this on the backlog though although it’s not really high priority at this point.

Hi Jarek,
thanks for the update.
All this metadata thing puzzle me a bit.
Creation and modification date aren’t preserved, but (thankfully) EXIF metadata is retained. I’m wondering what is stored in what way and how (aside from Time Machine and other not so efficient systems) I could back up everything.

I’m curious to read your personal take on this, if you mind sharing.