Which attributes are preserved by Kopia?

Hi I’m wondering which attributes are preserved by Kopia. In rsync i can preserve pretty much all file attributes like date/time, owner(uid/gid), permission, posix ACL, extended attributes. I’ve read the FAQ, i couldn’t find any info on this.

We can do baremetal restore if all attributes are preserved, simply recreate partitions/lvm, restore all files. recreate swap, fix boot loader.

Thank you for reading this.

Install acl package and do getfacl into file that will go into snapshot too, just before taking snapshot by utilizing kopia’s hooks, so in case you need to restore files/directories content including meta data, you can restore later with setfacl

ah, i see. so kopia doesn’t do this natively but we can dump the all ACLs using getfacl, then restore them later using setfacl, right ?

Yes, acl on Unix, icacls on windows, then you can use all types of backends for repositories