How to troubleshoot policies that are meant to run every day but do not?

Dear all

Amongst my policies, I have two that are meant to run at a specific time every day. Yet, the Kopia UI shows that each of those policies last ran two weeks ago. I am confident that the machine will have been on - and indeed, not asleep - at least once within the last two weeks. I know little about Kopia’s internals; how can I investigate? I note that other daily jobs have been running just fine (and indeed the daily jobs that work are set to run at times similar to the jobs that do not run).

Here is what the ‘snapshot’ window says of one of the problematic policies:

  • Name of policy: D:\Rainmeter
  • Owner: [my usual one]
  • Last snapshot: 15 days ago
  • Next snapshot: in 20 hours

Here is the CMD for that same policy:

C:\Users\[redacted]\AppData\Local\Programs\KopiaUI\resources\server\kopia.exe --config-file=C:\Users\[redacted]\AppData\Roaming\kopia\repository-1663511434444.config policy set "[my Windows username]@t1650:D:\Rainmeter"

I am running Kopia - v0.13.0-rc1 on Windows 10.


do you have set “ignore duplicate snapshots” to true? If there has not been any change, kopia will not create a snapshot if this this option is turned on.


Dear ChrisA

Ah, that option that is filed under, ‘Snapshot retention’? I was ‘true’ for the affected jobs. Here we have what looks like the explanation. Thank you very much!

Hi @ChibbleClobbleBun,

some users here have specifically set this option to true after they have accumulated a LOT snapshots over months and months of usage. So check what you want to do with the snaphots :slight_smile:

For myself, I set this option to true, as I do not want to have identical snapshots.