What am I doing wrong?

Hello all.

I want to use Kopia to backup data from multiple computers and VM.

I set up Kopia UI on Windows computer with repository on remote RClone connected storage location.

  • I want to backup the repository settings so I made a policy to backup repository config daily when the file changes. As of today, last snapshot is one month ago (when I manually did it) even though next snapshot is always less than 24 hours, and also with following changes.

I set up Kopia CLI on VM Linux Ubuntu server with policy to backup to path ~/backup with owner root@machine. I use same repository as the Kopia UI is using for this policy and see it on the UI.

  • 10 days later, snapshot size is 0 byte even though next snapshot “in 5 hours”. Using kopia logs shows last snapshot from when I did manually which created another policy path /root/.

I do same thing with another server which never update after first manual snapshot with policy.

So I want to know why my policy not snapshotting and how I set it up on the VM Linux Ubuntu correctly?