Kopia with mega.nz


Thank You for providing the community with this interesting client.

I’m currently using Duplicati with a Mega.nz account. However, I find it a bit slow but, above all, it fails when trying to restore.

So, I wanted to try Kopia. I wanted to know if there’s any way to use it with Mega or if it’s a feature that needs to be requested.

Thank You.

Kopia only supports few core storage backends directly, many more are supported via rclone backend - it appears rclone also supports Mega

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Thank You for the prompt reply.

Is there a guide on how to use Kopia with Rclone and what are the advantages over using Rclone only?


There is no deduplication or compression with rclone. Only encryption.
When you use rclone as a “connector” to mega, then you have the full power of kopia behind it, like compression, deduplication and encryption.

Thank You. Much appreciation.

It’s more clear now. :pray:

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