Restore non directory files

I’ve been testing Kopia for a few days now and it looks fine so far. Unfortunately it seems like I can’t restore files which I have backed and which weren’t inside a folder. I’m using Linux and I did backup a text file which was stored in my home folder.

I used kopia snapshot create ~/text.txt. When I try to restore it I get a error message saying the restore is not a folder or something like that. I have no clue what went wrong. When I mount the backup I see a folder with the text.txt name but there’s nothing in it.

Would be great if somebody could help.

Just use Kopia like this:

I still don’t understand why this error occurs. I’ll post the full error code below. I’m using Linux and I’ve backed up a file which contains text in my home directory. When I try to mount it I get this error:

unable to get directory entry for 3fcf12ef0b2a2b9d8a3db44857e81d76: 3fcf12ef0b2a2b9d8a3db44857e81d76 is not a directory object

why is that? As I said when I mount the repo it only shows me the folder with the name of the .txt file but not the actual file inside it. Seems like it has not stored it.

That’s what I get when I snapshot the txt file:

kopia snapshot create textfile
Snapshotting xxx@Linux:/home/xxx/textfile ...
 | 1 hashing, 0 hashed (96 B), 0 cached (0 B), uploaded 0 B, estimatin * 0 hashing, 1 hashed (96 B), 0 cached (0 B), uploaded 201 B, estimating...
Created snapshot with root 3fcf12ef0b2a2b9d8a3db44857e81d76 and ID 7b13b1b5092c732b5ac7124bf7eca617 in 0s

What do you expect, if you only snapshot a single file? Of course, you can’t mount it. Usually when taking a snapshot, you point Kopia at a folder, which becomes the root of the snapshot. When you later on mount this snapshot, the root folder will be the first object, where all other objects decend from.

You can’t do this with a file, you can only restore such a file from a snapshot, but not mount it. And what for anyway? As the snapshot only contains one file, there’s not much to browse, is there?

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