Kopia and Backblaze B2 - Deleting older snapshots doesn't seem to free up space?

Can someone tell me if this is normal behavior?

I backup a server.

And, every time I delete the older snapshots, it doesn’t free up any space.

But, of course, all the new snapshots take up extra space.

NON-AUTHORITIVE ANSWER (not an advanced or expert user):
I deleted all but my last snapshot recently for a repository. No change in repo size.
After running maintainence for about another week the size reduced to roughly the size of the backed up files, which is what I at least expected. A drop of about 15% (1+ TB). So I guess some chuncks remain until they are considered unused by the maintenance routines before deletion. In my case for a filesystem these were:

$ kopia maintenance run
$ kopia maintenance run --full

If you are backing up new files with different file structures then it would my assumption they would require extra space in your repository.