Kopia repository in Backblaze B2 takes up 38.2GB instead of 24.6GB

I’ve deleted all previous snapshots.

I ran sudo kopia maintenance run --full --safety=none multiple times.

But, the size of the repository on Backblaze B2 is larger than it should be. The bucket is 38.2GB.

Running sudo kopia content stats yields:

Count: 365524
Total Bytes: 24.6 GB
Total Packed: 24.5 GB (compression 0.3%)
By Method:
(uncompressed) count: 305917 size: 24.5 GB
zstd-fastest count: 59607 size: 107.3 MB packed: 33.3 MB compression: 68.9%
Average: 67.2 KB
0 between 0 B and 10 B (total 0 B)
29100 between 10 B and 100 B (total 2.1 MB)
131659 between 100 B and 1 KB (total 56.9 MB)
127299 between 1 KB and 10 KB (total 423.6 MB)
58186 between 10 KB and 100 KB (total 1.8 GB)
12192 between 100 KB and 1 MB (total 3.4 GB)
7088 between 1 MB and 10 MB (total 18.8 GB)
0 between 10 MB and 100 MB (total 0 B)

Make sure you change the bucket lifecycle settings to “Keep only the last version of the file”:

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Thanks for the assist.

But, even this isn’t helping.

The size of the repository just keeps growing.

I turned on Keep only the last version of the file on Backblaze, and despite waiting, it still hasn’t deleted what I presume are the older versions of these files?

A few other things:

  • check you don’t have any old snapshots (I initially backed up a couple of large folders that I then excluded from backup - I had to go back and delete those old snapshots)
  • did you wait enough time for B2 to delete the old versions? For me it seemed to take a day or two
  • and finally, Kopia is extremely conservative about deleting old objects/blobs (I forget what they’re called) so it can take a few days for the size of the B2 bucket to drop as Kopia performs housekeeping on the repository. Look in the Kopia logs and you might see messages about it not deleting stuff because insufficient time has elapsed.

Wow. I thought it would be done in 10 minutes.

I’ll wait till tomorrow, I guess.

As I stated in the original post:

Waiting fixed the issue.

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