Kopia and MergerFS - partial restoration after disk loss possible?


I have a hypothetical question.

I am using MergerFS for my primary storage server. One of the things I like about is that IF one of the disks fails, I can still recover at least some data off of it.

I wonder what would happen to Kopia repository if part of it’s files just went ‘missing’? Would it be able to perform some kind of partial restore, or does it mean that everything is gone?

Of course in an ideal world there should be a 3-2-1 backup in place, but I am still curious about how Kopia might handle this.

Probably not very well. IF you were lucky in that all the indexes were intact AND the files you needed to restore are still on disk AND the nature of your data is unique and not easily de-dupliable, then maybe you might be able to restore something. kopia documentation is clear that it relies on some sort of stable storage medium.