Kopia Retention policy and Cloud storage Lifecycle?

Hi, so I’m testing out kopia and setting up a bucket on Backblaze.
I’m aware of the rentention policy settings via kopia (annual, monthly…etc).
But not sure what I set on Backblaze, which gives various options:

  • Keep all versions of the file (default)
  • Keep only the last version of the file
  • Keep prior versions for this number of days:
  • Use custom lifecycle rules:

Simply, do I set this to this to ‘keep only last version’, and let kopia do its work?
Or should I use a different Backblaze setting?

And then there’s object locking too.
I had a look at the kopia ransomware documentation, but TBH, didn’t understand it fully. If anyone has an example, that would be helpful.


I use Backblaze as well, and opted to keep only the latest version. This will, as you said, “let kopia do its work”. I have configured my policies to keep as many versions of everything as I want, so I don’t need Backblaze then keeping multiple versions, too.

As for object locking, I opted simply to use application keys to restrict access, and that’s good enough for me.

In neither case can I offer you any definitive answers! But hopefully that’s helpful, anyways.

Thanks - that’s helpful!