Using Kopia with Backblaze B2

I just found out about Kopia a few weeks ago, and I’m very interested on using it with Backblaze B2 as storage, but I’m concerned about some configuration options on b2 that might interfere with Kopia, specially Object lock and Lifecycle settings.

According to b2, if using a backup software (such as Kopia, I assume), you shouldn’t set a retention policy on b2 and just keep the one from Kopia… but it seems that Kopia gets along well with this setting anyway, so I’m kind of confused about whether I should use it or not… I’ve looked through Kopia’s docs and I’m unable to find anything related to it.

About b2’s Lifecycle Settings, it seems that they shouldn’t interfere with Kopia, but if someone has a better understanding about this I would really appreciate your insights (I think that they’re also not very helpful either, so it seems of no value to keep older versions of the files if they are not useful for restoring from Kopia)

What I’m aiming at it’s to have secure backups with the standard retention policy, while also keeping the storage bill as low as possible. I’m mainly concerned about being hit with a ransomware attack, which has happened before on the sites I’m managing (not on my watch, though)


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Hi thanks for stating your interest into something that is currently being worked on! Apparently there is an interest :slight_smile:

To read up on the current thinking see ticket #1067.

A redesign to protect against ransomeware and generally improve performance has taken place and is currently in testing. If you can help out with testing, that would be great! Please see [TESTERS NEEDED] Major improvements to repository index format