B2: recommended bucket lifecycle setting

I’m testing Kopia with Backblaze B2. I’m new to both but have read all the available documentation and many of the posts here. However I haven’t found clear info about the lifecycle setting for the B2 bucket.

If I understand correctly: Kopia snapshots history is contained in current “live” blobs. Kopia deletes blobs that do not contain any useful data (ie. that only contain data for snapshots that were deleted by retention policy or the user).

If that’s the case, then the bucket lifecycle setting can be set to “Keep only the last version of the file” in order to save storage costs, but without harming Kopia functionality in any way.

Am I correct?

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I assume kopia don’t make use of versions and therefore your buckets should not be created with this support, correct?

In one of my kopia-buckets I have 1068 files total of 17GB but 12196 versions total of 30,43GB ! :frowning:

Unfortunately I’ve create all my buckets supporting versioning, that seems to be a big mistake :frowning: