Kopia server is fludded with failed messages trying to create snapshots from remote clients

Hi all,

after a few hours I have finished my setup to backup my files using kopia. Mainly I run a server on my nas which is using the same kopia instance to backup its directories - mostly shares other clients are using in my network.

The server uses a certificate and acts as a repository server for all my other clients. The clients can connect just fine and do their snapshots regulary.

I also use the server’s web ui to create snaphots from my nas. What I noticed is, that the server generates a lot of errors as it seems to access the client’s directories. The message is " Error: unable to create local filesystem: unable to determine entry type: lstat C:\Users: no such file or directory." I greyed out the names of the clients but they are all listed in the screenshot below

This is the server’s web ui:

This is the ui from one client:

Is this a misconfiguration from my side or is it bug?


The messages also appear in the docker container logs. It seems that the server tries to create a snapshot from a remote client’s path and obviously cannot find the local path on the server-

The message appears every 5 minutes it seems.

Is it because I am using the same docker container as a server and client at the same time?


I think I found the issue. I created the users on the server using the same hostname. So reverting the clients to use a unique hostname should fix it.

The project needs an update to the documentation. As this an amazing project it deserve a proper documentation about the features and possibilities - including the current pitfalls :slight_smile: