Kopia-ui not starting

I am running kopia and kopia-ui on ubuntu, which I installed through the apt repository. When I run kopia-ui, nothing opens and I get the following error:

01:23:28.358 › errorTypeError: app.isInApplicationsFolder is not a function
01:23:28.366 › APPIMAGE env is not defined, current application is not an AppImage

Can you provide version information? Is it a regression (did previous versions work fine?)

This error started when I switched to v0.8 beta3 from v0.7.3 and still happens with beta4.

Happened to me too!, but only on one of my machines. All running Manjaro Linux (Plasma version)
As I am on Linux, when I typed “mount”, I saw many stray mount points like “/tmp/.mount_KopiaUzHVwlt” etc.
Remove them and restart kopiaUI.

That fixed the issue for me on beta 4.
I’m now running current build from git.

I didn’t find stray mount points, so that probably isn’t the issue for me.

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I think there’s some required package missing, but not sure which one. We don’t test Kopia-UI on Linux regularly (because there’s so many distros of Linux which makes this impossble), so I’d appreciate if somebody from the community could help figure that out so we can document it.

BTW there could be more logs under $HOME/.cache/kopia/cli-logs/ and/or $HOME/.config/kopia-ui/

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I’ll keep an eye on this.
If it happens again, I’ll check the logs and post here.
So far, works perfectly on Manjaro Linux (KDE), which is Arch Linux.

Deleting the config files for kopia and kopia-ui fixes this issue temporarily, but kopia-ui stops running after I connect to a repository and the config files are populated again. Moreover, when it does run, I get a “failed to load” error five times.