Rclone remote as a *source* for backup?

I searched and only found articles about backing up to rclone, but can Kopia be used to backup an rclone remote?

Presumably it would have to be done with an rclone mount but I can also imagine metadata can be messed up with that approach? Could it even be done with remotes that do not report reliable ModTimes?

Any other tips in this regard?

(If context helps, I like to back up my OneDrive and DropBox to B2 nightly using a VPS. I actually wrote my own backup tool, dated file backup [dfb], which works well but is way less efficient).


I’ve been using kopia + rclone to backup an S3 bucket into another S3 bucket and it seems to work quite well. Have restored backups from this successfully too.

I mount the source S3 bucket via rclone and then kopia snapshot that mounted folder. Tried this with with bucket sizes as little as 30gb and as much as 2TB and it seems to be working fine. But then S3 does report reliable mod times. Not sure how it is with onedrive or dropbox.

And what about restoring times? I mean, uploading backups it´s quite fast, but when I try to restore one of them it´s a lot of time.

rclone is experimental in kopia and from my experience is not really reliable and fast.

Maybe one day kopia authors reach to rclone devs and create bespoken solution like restic does. Until then I would not recommend using it.

My question was actually the other way around. Say I wanted to back up WebDAV or OneDrive remote to a local Kopia repository. Could I do that?

my bad - to quick reply.

mount is only solution I am aware of (rclone or whatever)

Right. My question is how much should I expect that to work? What if I mount with S3, WebDAV, etc. but don’t want to use ModTime (with rclone and S3, I could use server-side ModTime but I mean more in general).

If Kopia is tracking inodes, that would really be a problem too

I think the only way is to try:) or dive into source code