KopiaUI - how to save window size?

I am running KopiaUI 0.13.0 on macOS. The window size is not retained. Every time I close the window and then click on the repo in the menu item dropdown, the window is reset to its original small size.

Which is probably a quarter of my screen size but centered horizontally and vertically.

How can I save the window size? I know that other Electron apps retain the window size, so I know it is possible. Is this a bug or was this never implemented?

It is not possible atm. It would have to be implemented.

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Thanks, this is good to know.

We have done that in Joplin, but it’s been a while. It’s actually just one or 2 lines of codw iirc.

Yeah - I am sure that it is not major dev:) but still has to be done.

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