Positioning of KopiaUI on multiple screen

I’m using KopiaUI on my notebook, hat is sometimes connected to two external screens (USB-C dock to display Port). I’m using sometimes one screen sometimes two of them, or just the notebook screen alone.
Using Windows 11 Enterprise, Version 10.0.22631 Build 22631 with KopiaUI 0.15

I have the issue that KopiaUI is saving this coordinates of the windows positioning and on start it place it on the same position as bevore. If I use a another screen configuration then last execution, the KopiaUI window is starting outsine my visibility and I’m not able to position it on my visible screen.

I ask for a query at KopiaUI start to check if the Window is on the visible part of the screen, and if not - a instruction to position the window in the middle of the main used screen. This would help.


That should not happen. The window should default or use the last coordinates.

Basically it saves the configuration of your connected screens and restore the coordinates if the configuration is found. So if you connect to all screens it should show up where you closed it the last time.

If you just use two screens it will generate a new configuration and so on.

Do you use the same scale on all screens? If you use different scales it will default to the fixed coordinates.

However, we should add an option to bring the window back to the main screen.


Do you use the latest version?

hm, I just downloaded the latest Version from github. It works fine (now).
Thank you for your support ChrisA.

I provided a fix for the same version :slight_smile:
That’s why I asked. If something is still not working, feel free to create an issue.