KopiaUI not finishing snapshot

Hi, I’m new to Kopia and not sure where to begin with solving this issue. I have a large drive I’m trying to backup to a Netgear ReadyNAS 2304 that has 10TB of storage. The NAS is accessed via SMB. I have two other paths that have backed up successfully one is 37.1GB and the other is 858MB. The one I’m having an issue with is 389.5 GB. There is no size quote set on the NAS share and there is still almost 9TB free.

The problem I’m having is that the backup gets to 70% then stops and a few minutes later, restarts at 65%. It is stuck in this loop and the snapshot creation never finishes.

I guess my first question is, how do I find out what the error is that is causing it to stop? I’m using Kopia UI and I haven’t seen any output messages other than when I look at the Path I see that all of the snapshots are incomplete.

Thank you.

Logs would typically be helpful.

On Linux you can find logs in .cache/kopia/cli-logs and .cache/kopia/content-logs. Is there anything that might explain the issue?

I’m on Windows 10 but I found the logs under C:\Users{UserName}\AppData\Local\kopia.

There was an error there, " unable to process directory “pkgconfig”: unable to open file: open D:\rosettadrone\app\src\main\cpp\gstreamer-1.0\armv7\lib\pkgconfig\libpng.pc: The file cannot be accessed by the system."

I’m not sure why it was saying it couldn’t be accessed. It didn’t have special permissions that I know of, but I admit I didn’t actually check. I just deleted the whole folder since I didn’t need it and it looks like it’s working now.

As a suggestion, a nice feature would be to show the error messages within KopiaUI.

Thank you for the help!

Oh, for anyone else that needs to check the logs on Windows, this Power Shell command was handy since the log file was about 1GB.

Get-Content .\kopia-20210213-192855-13712-server-start.log -Tail 10

This (showing errors) is actually available in latest test builds. You can try them from the kopia-ui-release repository.