6 incomplete snapshots after snapshot run

Hello, i just have started to use Kopia and i really like it, but something odd happens.

As you see in the first picture, i did a snapshot with root@a9a7732cc142 of a photo folder, for some reason i had reinstall the ubuntu server and setup kopia again and run snapshot of the same photo folder now with root@8a163029f5c9.

When i started to take the backup with first root the folder was around 2.4 TB, with the new root@8a163029f5c it should be around 3 TB, but the size is 0 B and 6 snapshots is incompleted in the new root.

What has happend, what should i do to fix it? and can i be sure that its not incomplete?

can you show ouput of $kopia snapshot list --all --incomplete --reverse --owner (snapshot list | Kopia)

It seems that checkpoint cannot be consolidated

Are there any error messages while snap is running?

Browse into the snap (also incomplete is possible):

regarding “incomplete snapshots”: Frequently Asked Questions | Kopia