MacOS backup on wake

I’m really enjoying my move to kopia over all, but do have some issues around some of our computers not playing nice around sleep. I tried to read through comments here, and I see some related threads, but nothing specifically around what I’m seeing or what might be nice to have.

First is my wife’s computer (iMac) not behaving itself. It doesn’t seem to be able to perform a backup after sleeping. I have set the wake time to 1m before kopia is scheduled to run, but it doesn’t run. If wake it manually and watch, it just updates to “overdue” at the time the backup is supposed to run. All I can do is manually hit snapshot and that seems to work. If I restart the computer and keep it awake, it will run the next backup at a scheduled time, but then once it goes to sleep, that’s it, no more scheduled backups. I’m curious if other folks have similar experiences with macOS and kopia around sleep / wake.

The second issue is with my laptop. It seems to work okay with scheduled backups, but I have to make sure to schedule them while I’m working at it. The behavior with my previous program was different, and I really liked it. When I would wake my computer, it would see that since going to sleep there was a scheduled backup that was missed, and run it immediately.