Mount not snapshot but the whole snapshot tree

i didn’t fined the possibility to mount not a particular snapshot, but the whole snapshot tree.
It could be useful is you want to search across all the snapshots.
is it possible?

By default ‘Kopia mount’ on the command line will do what you need. Not sure what kind of search experience you will get (most likely too slow to be useful) as each file access has latency that’s higher than local file system.

It would be really good, if kopia would allow to only mount the snapshots of a specific path, instead of the complete repository - esspecially if you think about multiple jobs being stored in the same repo.

Thats actually supported. Just run

kopia mount all <mount-path>

Well this actually does the same as running

kopia mount

withe the slight difference, that you get to choose the mountpoint, but that’s basically it. I do run a lot of diiferent source snapshots - if you will, and Id like to present only one of those, alas with all it’s snapshots. However, since the path doesn’t seem to have an ID, kopia doesn’t seem to recognize this.

And another funny thing is, querying the --help-full, which results in kopia mounting the whole repo, just as if kopia ignores the option…

[root@jupiter ~]# kopia mount --help-full
Mounted ‘all’ on /tmp/kopia-mount674156691
HINT: Pass --browse to automatically open file browser.
Press Ctrl-C to unmount.

…just saying… :wink:

I see. Tha’ts totally doable. Can you file a github issue?

What issue should I file, the fact that kopia mount ignores the --help option?

That one too, but please file an issue to mount entire snapshot history

I’m thinking syntax could be simply:

kopia mount user@host:/path <mountpoint>

Actually that --help-full appears to be how command-line parser works, will probably be hard to change since it’s in maintenance mode only.

Issue filed. [Feature]: make distinct paths in repo mountable

Regarding the --help-full - I don’t get what you’re trying to say, other than the parser works differently with different kopia commands? So, --help-full works on the repo command but not on the mount command?