Multiple Repositories

Hi again… this also might be a dumb question…

I’m running Kopia headless with the web gui… it works great… the thing my brain is having a disconnect with is, if i set up another repository and connect to that in the web gui… will the backup jobs / tasks set up for the repo i’m no longer connected to, carry on in the background? or do i need to be connected to it for them to work?

If you want to run multiple repos, you’d have to run a Kopia server instance for each of it. You can then connect to those from Kopia UI, but Kopia (server) itself only runs one repo per server instance.

… or connect first “dummy” repository, one that create repository.config, now any next connected repository gets its own unique repository number (repositoryxxxx.config) which can be easily connected/disconnected to the KopiaUI/KopiaCMD by --config-file=repositoryxxxx.config (as long as first “dummy” repository.config exist).