Windows - KopiaUI - 2 Repositories

I’m running KopiaUi on Windows and i’ve been backing up to a local Repo without issue but now i want to backup to a cloud repo on a different schedule.

Does KopiaUI need to be connected to the repo for the schedule to run? Or can i just create another repo set up a schedule and both schedules will run?

Interesting question.
I had also been working on the UI for a while. The way I see it, it can only serve one repo at a time.
Manual doing would then probably be necessary.
In addition, it is probably the case that the application also has to be active.
Then I ended up on the Kopia server or tried to run Kopia as a service. I wasn’t successful there.
Ultimately I solved this using the Windows Task Scheduler (I use kopia CLI only) In my case only with one repo. But it is conceivable to switch between the repos dynamically using a script.

I would also be interested to know how others do it.

So my task bar icon has both my local and cloud repo’s listed when i right click it…

I’ve been backing up to the cloud for over24 hours now and it seems that the other repo has continued on it’s schedule… i’m not sure if it’s because i have them both open as windows or what…

I’m going to close both windows and check back tomorrow and see whats what.

Kopia UI is nothing but a UI for multiple kopia servers constantly running on your host. When you connect to a repo Kopia will store the repository.config config file locally. So when multiple repos are connected then multiple kopia servers run locally apart the kopia UI itself.
To back up the same source data to multiple repos

  1. you can to connect to multiple repos and configure snapshots of the same folders in each connected repo. This approach (back up to multiple repos separately) has own drawbacks, like possible data discrepancy.
  2. use the ‘repo sync-to’ command to replicate an existing repo to another one (basically, it is a full-repo copy operation). You need a direct connection to both repos.
  3. use the ‘snapshot migrate’ to migrate all/specific snapshots and policies. Could be done between kopia servers (no direct connection is needed).
    Kopia doesn’t share the repo’s settings (snapshots, policies) with other repos.