Multiple snapshots taken within just a few seconds

I have encountered a strange issue when investigating unexpectedly high “Class C” transactions with B2, essentially it seems like two snapshots are being triggered in quick succession.

Taking the top two we see unique snapshot IDs

21:00:00.398 keeping 2022-03-12 20:59:59.9563273 +0000 UTC retention: [latest-1,hourly-1,daily-1,weekly-1,monthly-1,annual-1] pins: []
21:00:00.398 created snapshot 1b62a63293a20d2c2d8636f9c04ea36b

…and the most recent

21:00:10.083 keeping 2022-03-12 20:59:59.9563273 +0000 UTC retention: [latest-2,hourly-2] pins: []
21:00:10.083 keeping 2022-03-12 21:00:09.6710558 +0000 UTC retention: [latest-1,hourly-1,daily-1,weekly-1,monthly-1,annual-1] pins: []
21:00:10.083 created snapshot 6d5e329247f91ef0a5a6c6395e8db7e1

The policy could not be much simpler.

    "retention": {},
    "files": {},
    "errorHandling": {},
    "scheduling": {
        "intervalSeconds": 3600
    "compression": {},
    "actions": {},
    "logging": {
        "directories": {},
        "entries": {}

Curious as to whether anyone else experiences this phenomenon?

I have upgraded to v0.10.7 but the issue persists.

Yes, I’ve just posted (waiting in moderation) about the same issue, with v0.10.7. I didn’t see your post until just now. For both of us, the first snapshot is starting a fraction of a second before the hour, and then a second is being triggered on the hour.

Right, definitely looks like a scheduler glitch.