How to manage snapshots to b2 creating too many class c transactions?

This github issue brought this issue to light. (High volume of B2 class C transactions, "Periodic maintenance" task? · Issue #1432 · kopia/kopia · GitHub)
The user found a fix by limiting --refresh-interval

I want to know how to do this in the Windows UI version. If there is a config, I need to tinker with.

System : Win 11
Destination : Backblaze B2

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You can’t, to my knowledge. This is to be done using the CLI commands
Example (replace the 12 characters with your container ID):
docker exec -t 08ff4e48a0a9 /app/kopia maintenance set --quick-interval=48h
docker exec -t 08ff4e48a0a9 /app/kopia maintenance set --full-interval=168h

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