Snapshot size estimates are way too high

I’m on macOS running Kopia and KopiaUI (both at 0.13.0). I’m still trying to make it through my initial snapshot to a B2 bucket. I’ve had to stop and start several times along the way. When I started the snapshot today, the size estimates were very high. The UI tells me it has completed 9.2TB of 18.4TB. It says it has hashed 8.9TB. The total amount of the snapshot as Kopia initially calculated it was about 780GB. The drive I’m backing up has a total capacity of 2TB.

The percentage of completion seems correct, I believe — around 50%, although the 50% is about 390GB instead of 9.2TB. My B2 bucket says it has 394.2GB in it.

What does this represent? Why is it wrong? Should I be worried?

The percentage doesn’t seem to be tracking with the actual completion though. I’ve uploaded ~37GB since I started this topic, which should be another ~5% of my actual snapshot size, and the completion percentage is still the same. Since it was correct to begin with, I thought it might continue to track somehow, but it isn’t.

As of the last time I started the snapshot, the estimate has doubled to 36TB.

Also, energy impact is enormous according to Activity Monitor.