New Rclone repository problem


Frustrated with Duplicity and Arq Backup, and somewhat with Restic, I’d love to try Kopia. And it fails:

kopia repository create rclone --remote-path=“repository:” --rclone-exe=/usr/local/bin/rclone
ERROR unable to get repository storage: error listing blobs: error processing directory shards: error reading directory: error reading WebDAV dir: ReadDir /: 404 Not Found - PROPFIND /

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: unable to write blobcfg blob: PutBlob() failed for “kopia.blobcfg”: error writing blob using WebDAV: unable to complete WriteTemporaryFileAndCreateParentDirs despite 10 retries: BLOB not found

Sounds cryptic to me. Would you have any clues?

I would like to know why you are not happy with restic. Currently I’m using both, restic and kopia, but I would like to drop one. Until a few days I was thinking to only use kopia, but then a problem occured with kopia which I’m not able to solve (BLOB not found)

I don’t use rclone as a repository but this comment suggests using a previous version of rclone The latest version seems to have a bug with kopia

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Thank you!

Kopia still works with Rclone v1.61 if it is used as rclone serve…

One of the problems with Rystik is that although it is possible to back up the management shared path $ of the LAN, a fatal error occurs when restoring, and the data cannot be restored at all, which is very bad.

Have you brought up this problem in their forum or issue tracker ?