New to Kopia - Install Server on my QNAP - Want to access via Windows laptop

Hi new Kopia user here.

Kopia is running on My QNAP NAS. So I have one repository configured and all set. Made a small backup and all is good.

I now downloaded the KopiaUI Windows and installed it on my laptop.

My objective is to access my backups (located on NAS) from my laptop. KopiaUI says “Select storage type”. I do not want to create another repository, I just want to access my existing one located on my NAS. So I guess “Kopia Repository server” is a good option. It asks then for the ip address and “Trusted server certificate fingerprint (SHA256)” which I cannot find.

Can you help me?



Are you running kopia server on your QNAP NAS?

Yes on my QNAP. Installed it with Qnap package.

I have KopiaUI Windows on my laptop.

SHA256 fingerprint was printed when you initiated server for the first time. Not sure it is stored anywhere - look in configuration files maybe. Worst case start everything again and take note of required parameters.

Thanks, I will do that. Have a nice day!