Only want to add files to backup, but never delete

I don’t have enough hard drive space and may delete files, but I just want to add files to backup without deleting them. What strategy can I set

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I want this feature as well, but not implemented yet.

I mean, you can just never delete a snapshot and as long as file deleted at the source was included in a snapshot at some point you’d have it forever at the destination. But, depending on what kind of data you’re backing up and its lifecycle at your source (I’m guessing your daily-driver computer), finding that once-deleted file amongst 100’s of snapshots without global search might make it so dysfunctional your backed up file might as well not exist.

You can help yourself out by making sure your logs are verbose enough to capture file names, and make sure they are saved somewhere accessible and indexed for quick search, but this is really bending the tool so far outside of it’s current intended use cases you might as well stop yourself and go a different route.

You may want to consider an archival workflow for this use case, since that is more accurately what you’re describing. You want to get rid of a file from your active storage because you don’t need it now, but can’t bring yourself to delete it. That could involve being intentional and placing each file/folder in a designated, organized archival storage (conceptually, replacing “delete” with “move”), or you could use an automated tool to monitor your filesystem and 1-way sync all data to a second location (eg. the “RealTimeSync” feature of FreeFileSync" or many others with additional features). You could then point kopia at this new archive/dumping ground as a source if you want to use a subset of kopia’s features to manage this data at a second location (encrypted backup to google drive with exclude rules or something), but that would really depend on your use case.